Tuesdaygirl is a web development collective that I founded in 2015. It originally started out as a blog when I first moved to Japan back in 2004, but over the years I kept working on different projects and honing my web skills to the point where I eventually decided to rebrand the domain as a web studio.

I am based in Yokohama, Japan, but will work with clients anywhere in the world. My specialties are developing straightforward, high speed, secure websites for businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

About This Website

This website is fully responsive and was built using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JS. I didn't use a CMS or any PHP framework on the back-end. Except for the phpMailer library, everything was coded by me. For the front-end, I used Twitter Bootstrap for most of the boilerplate styles and a custom built JavaScript library writen by a friend of mine (and contributed to by me). The "Cookie" font was provided by Google Fonts. All photos on this website were taken/edited by me.