Nippon Update,

Sunday 27th November, 2005, Electraglide 2005


Incredible 3 hour show. Good times we had!!!

More pics soon!


Saturday 19th November, 2005, Electraglide 2005

Underworld will be performing live at Electraglide 2005 on Friday, November 25th (Tokyo) and Saturday, November 26th (Osaka).

Other artists/DJs include Autechre, Cold Play, Carl Cox, Tiga, and Ken Ishii.

I'll be there!


Wednesday 16th November, 2005, Tuesday, Girl Is Back

After some downtime and re-hosting difficulties, I am proud to say that Tuesday is back online!

New updates/pics coming soon!


Friday 15th October, 2004, Tae's Birthday



Tuesday 17th August, 2004, Tokyo Disney Sea

I stayed the night at the Tokyo Disney Resort and went to Tokyo Disney Sea. This is Disney at it's best!


Wednesday 21st July, 2004, WIRE 04 - Orbital's Last Show

Went to Wire 04 in Yokohama on Sunday, July 18th and saw Orbital's last public show ever! A British guy named Miles snapped this with his mobile and sent it to me. FAREWELL ORBITAL!!!

I also went to Tokyo Disneyland on Monday - very nice!


Tuesday 13th July, 2004,

Kids classes started today! I already need a vacation!


Friday 9th July, 2004, We're Up!

Welcome to tuesdaygirl! We hope that you will enjoy it. Please let me know what you think of it!